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“A Nation of Assholes” Update: A congressional intern, can be heard yelling, “Mr. President, fuck you!” at President Trump this week as he arrived at the Capitol for a meeting with Republican lawmakers, as heard in a video clip recorded by NBC’s Frank Thorp. Nice.

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3. Why Trumpist Assholes are Republicans 4. Why Assholes are Comfortable in the Republican Party 5. Why Asshole Nation Adores Trump 6. Don’t Feel Bad for Trumpists 7. Beating Back Trump’s Asshole Nation 8. Even “Never-Trump” Republicans are Responsible for the Rise of Asshole Nation 9. Trump, Roy Moore, and the Rise of Scum America Reviews:

Nation of Assholes, Nation of Assholes I live in a country that's a Nation of Assholes Idiots and morons, shitheads and jerks I'm always amazed that anything still works Flag waving dickheads all up in my face spouting their bullshit all over the place I try to ignore them, I try to buck up. Following in the footsteps of Aaron James's Assholes: A Theory, Scott McMurrey has applied the theory to Trump and his minions. The result is an up-to-the-minute lambasting of the people who put Trump in place and the even more reprehensible people who have come out Author: Scott McMurrey.
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Nov 06, · Prophesy Confirmed: SNL And Our Nation Of Assholes The most unforgivable part of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” mockery of Congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw was ridiculing a decorated veteran because of the disfigurement he recieved serving his country, though that was bad enough.

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Because assholes genuinely believe that their exceptionalist interpretation of international norms is justified by their moral superiority they are unable to see how obnoxious they appear to others. At the same time, asshole nations' confidence in their own magnificence leads them to make unrealistic demands on other nations. So am I saying that all Republicans are assholes? Not exactly. I’m saying that every Republican who voted for Trump is an asshole. And every Democrat or Independent too. But there are far more Republicans in Asshole Nation than Democrats or Independents.

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Assholes don't think of themselves as egoists outside the system of international norms, but as especially entitled within it.

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